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T5 Bus Exterior Styling

VW T5 Bus Exterior StylingAs well as converting the interior of my T5 Bus into a campervan also worked on the exterior making some styling changes so that it would look less like a Minibus or Tradesman's vehicle.

I didn't want the T5 to look like the same as the VW T5 Caravelle or T5 Sportline, but wanted something subtle but unique.

Below you can see the exterior changes that I opted for:-

VW T5 Window VanExterior Styling
As you can see life for my T5 Bus started as a VW Transporter Window Van with steel wheels, large grey plastic bumpers, wheelchair ramp and rear seats. Looking more like the Minibus you see on the right rather than the a custom campervan that it now is.

VW T5 Bus Exterior StylingTo fix this decided to do some styling changes to the exterior that would not only stop the T5 Campervan from looking like a Tradesman's Van but also give it a unique look.

The picture that you see on the right is how my T5 Campervan looks after the styling changes to the exterior.

Caravelle HeadlampsCaravelle Lights
The front headlamps where replaced with the much better looking twin Caravelle Headlamps which not only look better but are brighter as well.

The rear taillights where also replaced with clear Caravelle lights, as were the side repeaters.

Caravelle BumpersCaravelle Bumpers
These certainly made the biggest change to the look. Both the front and rear Transporter Grey Plastic Bumpers were replaced with colour coded Caravelle Bumpers giving a much less tradesman's look to the campervan.

The side mirror caps where also replaced at the same time with colour coded ones.

ABT Front GrillesABT Front Grille
Now that the front end had both Caravelle Headlamps and Caravelle Bumpers, did not want the T5 to look like all the other Caravelle's on the road so opted for an ABT Front Grille to set my T5 apart.

Stainless Steel Lower GrilleStainless Steel Lower Grille
The Stainless Steel Lower Grille was not a planned addition, it came about due to the Caravelle Bumper Trim for the lower Grille not being supplied at the time the Bumpers were painted. However now that it is in place it really finishes off the front end nicely.

VW Tangis Alloy WheelsVW Dakar Alloy Wheels
The original 16" steel wheels where replaced with VW Dakar 18" Alloy Wheels.

These alloy wheels are made by VW rather than aftermarket wheels and so can be confident that they will correctly fit the VW T5 and have the correct load rating.

VW T5 Sportline SidebarsVW T5 Sportline Sidebars
VW Stainless Steel Sportline Side Bars were added to either side. They are meant to give the side extra protection against knocks, but they are more for look than anything else and give the T5 and much wider look.

Front Fog LightsFront Fog Lights
Fog lights were fitted to the front which are not only practical but also look good as well. The headlamp switch in the dash was also replaced with one that included the front fog light switch.

Stainless Steel ExhuastStainless Steel Exhaust
The original exhaust was replaced with a Stainless Steel Exhaust with lifetime guarantee from MIJ Performance Exhausts who custom built the new free flowing exhaust system within 2 hours!

VW Bike RackVW Bike Rack
Although not so much of a styling option, no respectable campervan would be without a bike rack on the back.

This was more of a practical item for both carrying bikes and extra equipment for camping trips.

Limo Tinted Rear WindowsLimo Tinted Rear Windows
The Limo Tinted Rear Windows do not only look good but they also give a good level or privacy to the back of the campervan.

They are also good for security as the glass sticks together if someone tries to smash a window to gain entry.

Caravelle Engine CoverCaravelle Engine Cover
I was told by a few people that the Caravelle Engine Cover makes the engine quieter, which is why this was added. However, if it does make the engine quieter I am not able to tell. Still it does make the engine bay look better.

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